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Region X Delegate Assembly

2015 - 2016 Academic Year

TBD, Delegate 
Cuyamaca College

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  TBD, Delegate
Grossmont College

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 Christine Bermudez, Delegate 
Imperial Valley College

My name is Christine Bermudez, I am 20 years old and am IVC's Associated Student Government President, Student Trustee and the delegate for Region X. Aside from that, I am also an ambassador and work as a tutor. I am currently studying to be a nurse. I wish to pursue my bachelors after community college and work at a local hospital. I got involved in Student Government to learn more about the community college system and advocate for my peers. My main goal is to make our students' community college experience the best it can be by providing a safe, welcoming, spirited environment. My hobbies include sleeping and watching Netflix. My favorite things to watch are novelas and comedy movies. I love to travel, cook, read and enjoy life with a Iced Chai Tea Latte by my side.

Lindsey Tam, Delegate
MiraCosta College

I have been involved with student government for two semesters and currently serve as the VP of Legislative Affairs. My aim is to ensure that all students have a positive college experience, and I hope to facilitate that by making sure everyone has equal access to education and other academic opportunities. Life is a learning experience and I hope to continually learn from my successes as well as my failures. As a Region X delegate, I have made it my priority to address student concerns and implement solutions as best as I can. For the duration I have been involved in student government, I have realized that getting involved is the best way to learn more about the school as well as the community.

Beyond my role as an Associated Student Government officer, I am actively involved in my school’s Honors Program. I believe there is a lot to learn by working with peers and thus far I have made many new friends and memories. I aspire to become a lawyer and I am confident that the skills that I have learned from ASG have thoroughly prepared me for this career path. I have learned to take initiative, to be diligent, and to persevere when confronted with difficult obstacles. In all, I intend to serve as a dependable delegate who is capable of providing positive change for the students.

Kai Kramer, Delegate 
Palomar College

My name is Kai and I'm a senator at Palomar College's Associated Student Government and the delegate for Region X. I am majoring in economics and plan on transferring to a UC in a year. I joined ASG because I wanted to represent my peers and voice their concerns. My hobbies include hiking, fishing, and beaching.

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 Aaron Hanna, Delegate 
San Diego City College

My names Aaron, I'm the delegate for San Diego City and it's my second year-ish at San Diego City College. I'm majoring in Electrical Engineering and participate with SACNAS and the math club. Before college I was a Corpsman in the U.S. Navy. My hobbies include guitar, ice hockey and OCR's with bae 

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  Brenda Cardenas, Delegate 
San Diego Mesa College

My name is Brenda Cardenas I am 20 years old and I'm a senator at San Diego Mesa College's Associated Student Government and the delegate for Region X. Aside from that I work as a Peer Navigator at school which means I mentor first year students. I am majoring in Business Management and getting an associated in political science.
I have been involved with student government for three semesters now. The reason why I got involved is that I love being able to represent my fellow student's problems and necessities. I highly enjoy being their voice and taking action on it. 
My hobbies include hiking, reading and going to the beach. I love spending time with my friends and doing small road trips to new places. 

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 Neil Alcantara, Delegate 
San Diego Miramar College

Hello, everyone! My name is Neil Alcantara, and I am currently a 22 year old full-time student enrolled at San Diego Miramar College hoping to transfer into either SDSU or UCR. I am a Student Senator of Miramar College's Associated Student Government who is also majoring in English as I aspire to become either an English high school teacher or a technical writer one day. Since the beginning of my time here within the San Diego Community College District, I found myself only slightly involved with Miramar ASG through my membership of the several student clubs affiliated with Miramar College until, finally, I became a Student Senator to further aid Miramar's Student Government. Though my time here at Miramar College draws to a close, however, I simply refuse to stop coming to the aid of those in need as I strive to be a reliable individual capable of serving for the student body however I can - especially as a delegate of Region X. 

Fun facts! I like mint chocolate ice cream and I absolutely love the television series Community. I lived in Hawaii for 10 years prior to moving to California at the end of 2006, but I never learned how to swim until I moved here. My hobbies include going out on morning jogs and feeling the wind in my hair and staying as fit as I can.

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 Rudolph Villegas, Delegate 
Southwestern College

 My name is Rudolph Villegas, I currently serve as ASO Senator for Math, Science, & Engineering, ASO Senate Parliamentarian, and SSCCC Delegate for Southwestern College. I am currently serving my second year in student government, and I am pursuing my degrees in Physics & Business Administration.

    As representative for the most southwestern college in the country, dispensing higher education to one of the most diverse and international student bodies, I am focused on maintaining Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion. I seek to empower the student constituency across the state of California, and work towards accomplishing a greater student voice, by advocating within the statewide structure of the Student Senate for California Community Colleges.

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